Martins Masonry

Martins Masonry Inc. has been working hard to become the leading provider of masonry services in the GTA for the last decade. Our mission is to give our best by providing the highest quality in labor, materials, and workmanship to every project while respecting social responsibility and accountability.

Martins Masonry is committed to achieving the objectives and goals proposed in a given project, we will always take a teamwork approach. Our work is done in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and our projects are always completed on time and within budget.

We pride ourselves on our safety record, quality control, and housekeeping protocols on the job sites. We have strict COVID-19 procedures in place to ensure the safety of all workers. Additionally, our ethical behavior based on principles of honesty, integrity, and respect in conducting all business relationships has enabled us to successfully navigate through several unique projects.

Martins Masonry brings a pro-active, team-oriented approach to all projects, which is evident in the large number of negotiated contracts we have completed. We continue to invest in many ways that will pay off in competitive advantages for our customers. Not only do we look to identify potential conflicts and problems before they arise, but also work on providing timely and cost-effective solutions by working closely with our Foremen on the job site. We are confident that the many clients we have worked for, many on a repeat basis, will attest to our commitment and professionalism, as well as to the high level of quality of our work.

Our values, vision and mission are founded on respect, equality, dignity and transparency.

Our MISSION is to provide our clients with speed and quality workmanship by acting with social responsibility always.

COMMITMENT to responsibility of achieving the objectives and goals of the company, whether product or service, always favoring the teamwork.

RESPECT TO PEOPLE Building a meritocratic environment, with good working conditions and development opportunities, stimulating satisfaction and pride of belonging.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Focus on growth and value creation, driven by initiative, innovation and transformation of ideas into business opportunities.

ETHICS Behavior based on principles of honesty, integrity, and respect on conducting all business’ relationships.

Rafael Silva, CEO
Natalia Silva, Project Manager
Office Location: 1400 Bayly St, Office Mall 2, unit 11B, Pickering ON L1W 3R2
Phone Number:  (416) 523-7110

Martins Masonry was created in 2010 by founder and CEO Rafael Silva.
We are located in Toronto GTA and proud member of LIUNA 183 – Local 183

Since its inception, Martins Masonry has been established by partnering with industry leaders such as: Treasure Hill, Kaitlin Homes, Lindvest Homes, Mattamy Homes, Arista Homes, Geranium Homes, Tribute Communities, Golden Falcon, Minto, Christina Homes, Pinnacle Homes, Bloomfield Homes, Fieldgate Homes.