iQMS362 Dustless Dry Cutting Masonry Saw with built in Vacuum System

Martins Masonry uses the worlds first dry cutting masonry saw, with a built in vacuum system to make it virtually dustless! Featuring a 270-degree dust reduction system, the dust is captured within the blade guard, rear dust guard and the downdraft, louvered table via a high-powered, integrated vacuum system. The dust passes through a 3-stage filtration system, filtering the heavy debris, fine dust and superfine dust particles into the collection chamber – with a hefty 18+ Kilogram capacity! In addition to the incredible dust collection, the vacuum also keeps the blade cool enough to touch while operating, which along with removing the cutting debris, extends the life of your blade considerably!.

  • Integrated dust collection captures up to 99.5% of hazardous silica dust.
  • Meets the 2017 OSHA silica standard.
  • Cut dry while protecting the health and safety of the workforce.