Employment Opportunities

Martins Masonry Inc. is a growing business that invites passionate, highly-skilled and licensed masons to join our team.  We hire professionals that have a hard-working, team-oriented approach.  In return, we provide a safe, positive and supportive work environment.



Job Description

Specific Skills
Prepare and lay bricks, concrete blocks, structural tiles or other masonry units
Lay bricks, stone or similar materials to provide veneer facing
Construct and install prefabricated masonry units
Build patios, garden walls and other decorative installations
Read sketches and blueprints to calculate materials required
Cut and trim bricks and concrete blocks to specification using hand and power tools
Lay bricks or other masonry units to build residential or commercial chimneys and fireplaces
Lay radial bricks to build masonry shells of industrial chimneys
Lay or install firebricks to line industrial chimneys and smokestacks
Line or reline furnaces, kilns, boilers and similar installations using refractory or acid-resistant bricks, refractory concretes, plastic refractories and other materials

Work Setting
Commercial, Residential


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